She lectures the lazy roommate, reinforcing each point with a swat from her magnum paddle in the Femdom corporal punishment film Blazing Paddles 2.

Video description: ”Bad roommates can make living with someone hell. Vinyl Queen knows this and she decides to teach her friend’s roommate a lesson. VQ lures him into her dungeon and gives him the lecture of a lifetime.

“Intense verbal humiliation follows as he is reprimanded for everything from not showering to leaving his dirty dishes in the sick. Vinyl Queen is on fire as she assaults him with her verbal barrage and her weapons of choice.

“From crops to canes, and straps to whips – she makes sure that his ass won’t soon forget the lessons he’s being taught! Two camera angles capture the beatings. Vinyl Queen doesn’t let up until he promises to mend his sloppy ways.”

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