Stripper Spanks MenDisciplinarian Kelly Payne and adult film star Erika Kole join forces in the full-length F/M spanking video The Stripper. After the male manager of a strip club tries to hit on Erika, one of his new dancers, he is surprised to find out that Miss Kole has heard all about his slimy reputation.

Erika threatens to tell the club owner about the manager’s inappropriate advances, but before she does she gives her lowlife boss a choice of submitting to a good old-fashioned ass whipping. After spanking the lout over her lap however, Erika decides to call the club owner anyway.

When Kelly, the owner of the club, shows up, both ladies give the manager a thrashing he will never forget. Along with turning him over their knees, they lay him over a chaise and strap him hard. Then they take the hairbrush to his bottom until his ass cheeks are bright red and swollen. This manager learns the very hard way that harassing the help is no way to get laid!

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