Tired of his smartass mouth, she puts him over her lap for an attitude adjustment. Video description: “Payback’s a Bitch is the story of how one angry woman does her best to demonstrate just how she deals with a deserving male who’s pissed her off.

“At a spanking party, the beautiful and imperious Glory has walked in to find her friend, Yoni, doing a tad more than merely spanking her girlfriend. Enraged, Glory takes Yoni to another room, where she proceeds to toss the hapless male across her knees and spank him with her bare hand.

“Yoni, a natural brat who’s never met a smart-ass remark he didn’t utter, makes the mistake of sharing these comments with Glory. Unfortunately for him, this only serves as encouragement to Glory, who spends the next 50-minutes wailing away at Yoni’s bared backside, by hand and a variety of paddles.”

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